Saturday, March 17, 2012

Record Breaking Warmth to Continue til Midweek

The historic warm spell will continue till about Wednesday, when a week cold front moves through. Many records were broken, including all time winter high temps and all time March temps in some places.
Some of the records include:

Chicago: 3/14..(81) 3/15.. (81) 3/16..(82) 3/17..(80)

Madison: 3/14..(78) 3/15..(81) 3/16..(79) 3/17..(79)

Minneapolis: 3/10..(66) 3/11..(66) 3/13..(67) 3/14..(73) 3/16..(79) 3/17..(79)

There have been over 1,500 records in the past week, many record highs and record high morning temps and earliest 80 degrees ever in places like Madison. This textbook warmth will continue to break and shatter records til about Wednesday, but the cool down will still leave temps 20-35 degrees above normal. Compared to the 45 degrees above normal in some place.