Friday, May 25, 2012

Very Warm Sunday in Midwest

Sunday will be a very warm day for many, likely the warmest of the year. Highs will be in the mid 90s throughout much of the midwest (see map). The warm up is due to a weakening storm system that will eventually become occluded on Sunday. As noted in the map on the left, there will be a very sharp cut off from the hot weather, to the comfortable temps in the 70s. It depends on where this front sets up during the afternoon on sunday as to who will be in the 90s and who will not. Keep it here to midwest weather talk!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Severe Weather Outbreak Later Today/Night

A severe weather outbreak should get going in the next few hours. Conditions are highly favorable for large tornados (see map) and damaging winds, with a smaller hail threat. The orange outline shows the highest risk of severe weather, especially damaging winds. The tornado outline shows the highest probability of a tornado, the damaging wind threat is also prevalent here.

A strong upper level jet will continue to follow a cold front behind a strengthening surface cyclone. A line of storms will develop in western wisconsin and central Iowa, and push east throughout the later afternoon and evening. While this may help the harsh drought in some areas, these storms can be dangerous and local forecasts and warnings should be monitored. Keep it here to midwest weather talk

EDIT 7:55 central time... severe threat not as high, but still prevalent:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Severe Weather/ Heavy Rain in Midwest

A slow moving storm system currently in the Upper Plains will be a strong weather maker in the midwest the week. As a strong upper level wind strengthens today, it will cause a fairly high dose of severe weather, especially in North Dakota. The primary threat being large hail, and gusty winds. The storm will then continue to slowly move east and drag cold air with it. The cold air will be along a front that will interact with warm air rushing north to cause severe weather in the midwest (see map). Again large hail is the main threat.

Along with the severe weather threat comes very heavy rain. A general 1-3" can be expected in the outlined area with some spot easily reaching 4" depending in the individual thunderstorm tracks. Be prepared if you live in a flood pron area. And on Thursday the severe weather shifts east again. Conditions will not be as favorable for the heavy rain, but large hail seems likely again. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to monitor the latest watches and warnings throughout the week!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Severe Thunderstorms Today, Cooler Tomorrow

The front that caused the severe weather and thunderstorms in the midwest Sunday, will continue to bring in cooler air overnight. Monday will be an average May day,weatherwise, for all of the midwest. The atmosphere will become stabilized as the front moves through, so a couple dry days can be expected, before a warm front moves through midweek. Along with the warmth later this week the chance of thunderstorms is also prevalent. It looks like we are in this pattern for the foreseeable future...A warm up for several days, then thunderstorms along a cold front, then a cooler stretch after, an then another warm up as you may have guessed. Stay tuned to midwest weather talk for severe weather chance in the coming days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Colder" Week Ahead for the Midwest

Currently a cold front is pushing through the Midwest. It is developing scattered thunderstorms along the front, some severe. After the front moves through winds will shift to the north and usher in cooler air from Canada. Do not expect a cold today tomorrow, but rather an average May day with ample sunshine throughout the Midwest as high pressure moves in. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and enjoy the weather over the next several days.

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Severe Weather Possible Today

Some strong thunderstorms will likely develop later today and tonight. Warm moist air will rush north providing instability is a small area of the midwest. The primary threat it large hail, and strong winds. The threat of a tornado is small, but still prevalent. Look at the map for the chance in your backyard. Be sure to check back for updates stay safe.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aggressive Warm Up Next Week

A large and lengthy warm up is shaping up for next week in the midwest. Temperatures are already moderating this week, but the main slew of warm air will move into the midwest during the middle of next week. Temperature will run 10-20 degrees above average in most places, assuming it is sunny that day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Severe Weather on Wednesday

There have been over 70 severe weather reports already today, and the peak has yet to come. Tomorrow the severe threat will shift a little to east, and shift even more to the east thursday. A line of thunderstorms will likely develop along a warm front tomorrow in the northern Iowa areas and progress east throughout the day. The main threat will still be damaging winds and large hail.