Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Light Snow/Mix for Election Day

As some of you head out to the pole expect some snow and/or a mix. In northern Minnesota most of you will wake up to a fresh dusting of snow on grassy surfaces. The precipitation will then shift south and east into Wisconsin (a swing state...). Will weather affect the pole? With that said don't expect much of an impact on travel as everything will be light (a few bursts of heavier snow/rain are possible). Furthermore, ground temperatures are still well above freezing so the only accumulation will be on grassy areas. Total snow amounts will not be much up to 2" in northern Minnesota and an inch or so in northern Wisconsin. A piece of energy will then dive south and merge up to form a coastal storm for the eastern seaboard. Although latest models have the storm more out to sea, this is something the people are New Jersey and New York were fearful of. Keep it here to Midwest Weather and if anything changes, this post will be updated.

10:51 update: brand new computer models have the northeast storm out to sea, with rain and gusty winds right along the shore. Is this a trend? Or a hiccup in the model? We will know for sure probably by tomorrow and model come together on this complex storm system.