Monday, April 29, 2013

Unsettled Weather this Week, Due to Closed Low

The Midwest is in for a warm, then chilly active week. Thunderstorms will move through areas in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois today and tomorrow, with severe weather possible. Tuesday looks to be the warmest day, with widespread 80s generally south and east of Minneapolis. Then as we head into Wednesday and mostly Thursday an area of upper level low pressure will separate itself from the jet stream and stick around well into the weekend. Notice in the video the circular isobars and abundant energy in the Midwest. Usually these storms are steered by the upper level patterns, but since it is a "closed low" and separate from the jet stream it will meander for days, with unsettled rain showers (some snow possible) and clouds. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring is a Day or Two away

With the calender almost running to May, a spring pattern is finally in the works. The jet stream will push north and winds will shift to a southerly direction. This will pump up warm moist air into all of the Midwest starting Friday. This is not due to a large storm, so the warm will be sticking around, and the threat of any severe weather looks minimal. A large snow pack still persists in areas, but much of that will be gone by next week, with flooding being a concern. Coming off record snow months in the Great Plains, the warm weather is a welcomed sight.

Monday, April 22, 2013

One more winter storm

One more winter storm to impact the area today and tonight. A very narrow band of 6"+ will line up, see the red shading. A lot of this snow will melt on contact and/or compress will it piles up. It may be annoying, but with warm weather on the way the snow will not last long, and a spring pattern will settle in by Friday, and last into the foreseeable future!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warm Weather is Coming, (this weekend) we promise

A frontal boundary will pass through the region Monday, bringing some light snow early this morning, then rain showers and a few thunderstorms later today. The front will stall just southeast of the area tonight, and a wave of low pressure will ripple northeast along it on Monday, bringing the potential for accumulating snow to much of the area. Precipitation will initially be in the form of rain over much of the area, but a changeover from rain to snow will occur from west to east Monday afternoon and evening. The question is how much will stick. Does it matter? Spring will be here by Friday!

some material from NWS minneapolis

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Classic Textbook Spring Storm

Serious Flooding Situation in areas tonight and tomorrow, with severe weather and heavy snow on the way as well: (see last post for more info and a rain forecast including today's amounts)

Extreme Flooding and Heavy Snow Expected

Major flooding is possible in many areas with heavy rain over the next few days. These are the same areas hit hard last week. Flood watches and warnings fill the Midwest in anticipation. Soil is either still frozen in spots or saturated in others, making for the worst possible conditions. Areas may see over 5 inches depending of where thunderstorms line up. Oh, and by the way there is a large risk for severe weather, south of Wisconsin. Meanwhile, more heavy snow in western areas. Be sure to check local weather updates and warnings when conditions go down hill.

The white numbers are snow forecasts, and black is rain

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Storm to Impact the Midwest

Yet another storm is bearing down on the Midwest for the middle of this week. Accumulating snow appears very likely from Denver to Intentional Falls. Amounts could exceed 6"+ and over a foot just east of the Rocky Mountains, where some enhanced lift will be prevalent. Meanwhile, heavy rain will worsen the flooding situation in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. The exact track of the storm is still in question, but the strength looks to be set in stone. Meaning, the band of heavy snow could shift a little west or east in the coming days, stay tuned. Look for a snow maps soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Snow Sunday

More of the same for the Northern Plains, heavy snow. A strong area of low pressure will move into the area starting tonight, and last into Sunday night. High winds and heavy snow should be expected, especially in North Dakota. The unwelcomed sight of snow is somewhat offset by the fact that the snow will help the drought situation. Meanwhile more sleet and ice in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.
More of the same (cold weather) will persist long into next week. Here is a good forecast by the CPC (climate prediction center) Click Here!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Updated snow map

Not much has changed, main difference is the eastern extent to the 6-12" range was trimmed:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Winter Storm to Dump Heavy Snow

A very strong  and complex storm system will continue to be a weather maker for the Midwest this week. On the left is a snow map through Thursday. Much on the area will see rain and then switch over to some snow by Thursday. In some cases accumulating snow. As you can see the heaviest snow will be in the Dakotas, where up to 20" or more is not out of the question. This slow moving system should exit by Friday, but we appear to be stuck in a cold and rainy pattern into next week.

Edit: 7:00pm Temperatures:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yet Another Spring Winter Storm

Do I even dare post this forecast? Here is one model's take on the large storm for Tuesday through Wednesday, confirmed by other computer models. Now, you can take a good 30-50% off these numbers! Given the warm surface and atmosphere. This will still put out a large area of 6"+ of snow for western areas, with moderate rain to the east. More details in the coming days... 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Hitting Storm System

Much of the Midwest will see warm and welcomed weather today. On Friday night a low pressure center will likely create some accumulating snow in northern areas. It takes a lot of factors to come together to get snow in April, but this system should do it. Most areas will see a slushy 1-3" with up to 4" or 5" in far northern areas. Meanwhile, rain will fill in to the south, along with the warmest air of the season for Saturday. Next week will also need to be watch as more snow is possible, this includes more southern areas.