Monday, June 2, 2014

Lake Superior Continues to Hold Ice

For the first time ever, (since records were kept) Lake Superior has a concentration of ice over 2% as of the first of June.  All of the ice or ice burgs have drifting to the southern shore. Even with the recent warm weather over the past several weeks, the ice had held its own, with high concentration of ice in some locations. For example, the map on the left side shows concentration near Marquette, Michigan of over 50%.  As expected, water temperatures are in the 30s and 40s across the lake. May a June Polar Plunge be in store?...

On the right is a computer model forecast of ice concentration over Lake Superior.  It shows the continuation of ice cover or parts of the southern shore into the weekend, which will likely break more ice cover records after one of the coldest winter off all time across parts of the Midwest this year. For a perspective the map below is the average date of the last ice cover over the Great Lakes, notice how March into early April is usually the last date of ice cover, not June!