Friday, July 11, 2014

NO POLAR VORTEX, A Quick Explanation and Misconseptions

Thoughts on Recent "Polar Vortex" Forecast:

Well....Polar Vortex coming next week, good joke. To clear up one of the largest misconceptions in the public weather belief, this winter we never had the polar vortex over us....just various pieces of cold air from this synoptic scale circulation that someone decided to call the whole "polar vortex" in the media somewhere! Furthermore, the polar vortex is formed by pools of cold air of which are caused by long dark nights and significant snow cover. It is then trapped near the north pole by a strong west to east jet stream....but since its summer and light 20-24 hours a day this pool of very cold air never fully develops and the snow pact sees and large dent in its depth.  Yes, early next week will bring a "similar" upper level pattern to January, but NO Polar vortex.  Anyways....if you are stuck in clouds Monday and Tuesday highs will be nearly 20 degrees below normal in most places!
Please spread the word if you hear friends chatting about the upcoming polar vortex or share on Facebook! Good night all.