Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Strongest Winter Storm in 2016, thus far

A major winter storm is poised to pass through the Midwest to start off the month of February. History and climatology suggests it will take the ideal track as is ejects from the Rocky Mountains early next week. A band of 6-12" of snow will likely set up north and west of the track as it heads into Canada. At this moment, model guidance suggests that this axis of heavy snow will line up from north central Kansas to Lake Superior. Areas further east will see a wintry mix and all rain, while areas further west will see less snow. The shaded blue area on the map is the most likely location of accumulating snow. This track will likely fluctuate east and west through the next several days, but will need to be watched very closely through the rest of the week. Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for even more updates.

Below are different ensemble runs of the US weather model, the red numbers indicate the strength and location of each possible storm location. Still a large range of possibilities. As we get closer to the event, this range of solutions will consolidate and confidence will grow.